• Let’s Go Innovate, IGNITE ™ – A virtual (online) training program for our “on-the-run” fast pace entrepreneurs.

    For over 30 years, Dr. Fumi Hancock and Ms. Yolanda Shields have been providing coaching and mentoring strategies to help individuals with entrepreneur spirit accomplish their vision and enjoy success at the ultimate level. This dynamic duo understands how busy entrepreneurship can be. But more importantly, they know how important it is for an entrepreneur to be on top of his or her game in order to maintain success.

  • Let’s Go Innovate, IGNITE ™

    Here is what our mentees can expect:

    1. Will receive – a complete step-by-step-system for promoting and expanding your business (or business ideas depending on what phase you are currently at), sessions on authentic leadership, business strategy, innovation, and “quieting the battle of the minds”.
    2. Online access and support from the executive host of Lets Go Innovate and their worldwide community of entrepreneurs
    3. These meetings will occur live online/teleconference and will be recorded for those who need them repeated.
    4. Opportunity for Questions & Answers, whereby prior questions posted will be addressed during sessions.

    $9.95 Monthly or a one-time payment $119.40 (Click Here to Pay) VALUED AT: $200/yr!




Let’s Go Innovate, MEDALLION™ – A Quarterly coaching experience (day) for next level leaders and entrepreneurs – This program is for those who are next level leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to innovate their passion, vision and mission. It is also an intensive training and coaching from LGI experienced leaders and their expert friends.

To insure an intimate approach to these unique events, our candidate group size is limited to 20.

Locations: Palm Beach, Florida – Atlanta, GA – Las Vegas, Nevada – Houston, Texas, Nashville, TN.
$1, 500.00 – Hotel and Flight not included.



Let’s Go Innovate, BILLIONAIRE CLUB ™–


Kick your business up a notch by attending our elite and highly selective training seminar with LGI leaders (limited to 5 – 15 people depending on choice of program).

Here at LGI, we believe that being a millionaire is over-rated! And being a billionaire starts with “our state of mind”. As such, we understand that not everyone is ready to plunge into this level. Because of that, we are highly selective in who we invite into this club. Once you are accepted, we promise to provide all the tools you need to ensure your success. If you are ready to do the work, we are ready to work side by side with you till your goal.

  • LEVEL I $3,500 1 Day

    Here are some of the opportunities that will be provided to Our Level 1 Let’s Go Innovate,BILLIONAIRE CLUB ™–

    1. Effective Marketing Strategies for Generation Y™
    2. Your Vision Torch™ to the next level
    3. From Purpose to Profit™
    4. Expanding your Influence to achieve results™

    You will also be receiving some of our proprietary tools to help you run a successful business.

    Locations: Palm Beach, Florida – Atlanta, GA – Las Vegas, Nevada – Houston, Texas, Nashville, TN.

  • LEVEL 2 $5,500 1 ½ Days

    In addition to workshops provided at level 1, you will be receiving the following:

    1. Leading by intelligence and effective strategies™
    2. The mindset of a Business Mogul ™
    3. Managing Global Projects ™

    You will also be receiving some of our proprietary tools to help you run a successful business.

    Locations: Palm Beach, Florida – Atlanta, GA – Las Vegas, Nevada – Houston, Texas, Nashville, TN.


Let’s Go Innovate C LEVEL (PRIVATE) Consulting


C- LEVEL Consulting with DrFumi Hancock and Ms. Yolanda Conley Shields. This innovative adventure is specifically targeting the highest-level executives and leaders (in corporate, ministry, business and government sectors).

It is a full immersion day when clients delve into vision mapping, ways of expanding their business(es), exploring global opportunities, and developing success strategies for their companies to compete in the 21st Century.

$20,000 C-LEVEL Days
$10,000 C-LEVEL Half Days

We are available to travel as consultants to the following locations:
New York, New York; Palm Beach, Florida; Houston, Texas; England; France; Africa, and Dubai.
(Additional fees apply for travel when host(s) is invited to countries where there are no immediate plans to visit.).

If a leader is looking for a secret thunderbolt to skyrocket their business/ organization, these dynamite Innovation Gurus are your answer.


  • Testimonials

    “Princess Fumi Hancock and others have brought so much improvement into our area. We are delighted that they can take the time to train our leaders in this part of the world. It is a great testament to see God work in such persons.”

    His Royal Majesty, King Emmanuel Adebayo, Elemure of Emure, Nigeria, West Africa.

    “The WIN Group were inspired and encouraged to use their talents to make a difference. Thank you Yolanda Shields for a great job.”

    Veronica Terrell, Deliotte, Snr. Product Manager

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