collegepic 1(1)We know all how tough it is to maintain your school work and still get some time to relax. We totally understand as we have been college students too! More importantly, we understand how challenging it can get not knowing for sure which way to go. Several college students spend the first three years of their college years, trying to determine who they are and what they are meant to be doing. While some eventually get it, many do not! Dr.Fumi Hancock, a founding partner at Let’s Go Innovate knows first-hand what not finding ones’ passion at the onset can do to ones’ life. She earned her first degree at the age of 17! And virtually spent the next 30 years trying to figure out what she should have figured out in college if she had a mentor! Let’s Go Innovate provides mentoring tools to guide our college students through the rigors of life. In addition it provides a compass through which students can map their vision while in college, determine their true calling in a speed of light and begin to move successfully towards their goal with passion. Let us help you keep it real! For more information and to invite this duo for a presentation at your university/college, please send your request to: You may request for our brochures too.