writersWhen The Princess in Suburbia, FUMI HANCOCK put her pen to work a little over two years ago to write her very first Young Adult Fantasy & Romance, the Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra’s Nest; little did she know that after publication in September 2012 it would quickly become an Amazon Bestseller! Princess Fumi often dubbed the Princess in Suburbia because of her African royal roots, is an Innovation and Leadership expert. Her mission in life is to use advanced technology to guide people into being their authentic self while pushing Innovation as a means of finding their life passion.  As the brain behind the Online TV hit show, The Princess in Suburbia which now boasts of over 1.5 million views, she is passionate about teaching, mentoring and guiding her clients to their “true self”.  She invites her audience to snicker, laugh, cry and be real as they work their way to discovering their authentic self. Besides being a best selling author, she is also a registered nurse who uses that field to innovate lives. She has written several inspirational books, including Starting Right Now and the Diary of an African Warrior Princess. She is ready to impact her wisdom into other writers, authors “wannabes”who are ready to experience the same success she has experienced in the field of writing.  She believes you can achieve it, if you put your energy behind it. She is ready to serve through her seminars, online mentoring programs and books to change your mindset. These two day course will teach participants how to take a story idea from their heads to the paper in 45 days! It is intensive and detailed… strictly for those who are ready to go to the next level in their writing. Fumi Hancock also offers the second phase where writers are taught how to publish their books and earn money as an established writer, while garnering influence and notoriety with their book(s) (Pre-requisites apply to this)!She statesthat YOU MUST BE WILLING AND READY TO ROLL YOUR SLEEVES! Ready when you are…. For more information and to invite her and her partner for a presentation, please send your request to: innovationgurus@letsgoinnovate.com (This was repeated, pls remove the extra sentence). You may request for our brochures too.  You can also check our website for a list of upcoming conferences.